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Delta Steam Systems

Delta Steam Systems is a world-class manufacturer of steam traps. Delta steam traps are as efficient, in some cases, more efficient than conventional mechanical steam traps and require no maintenance. They are designed to out-last and out-perform all conventional steam traps through their unique venturi design with no moving parts.

The steam trap works by combining venturi technology with a capillary orifice, thus part of the capacity of the Delta trap is related to the size of the capillary and part of the capacity is related to the back pressure generated by the flashing in the venturi. The internal geometry of the Delta trap is designed in such a way that the capacity of the trap adapts to the change in operating conditions of the process or application.

The delta steam trap also works efficiently under varying load conditions, from minimum to maximum capacity. These safe and reliable steam traps are proven to enhance productivity and reduce boiler fuel costs by 20-30%.

Offering Venturi Style Steam Traps

Working together, our partnership with Delta Steam Systems has allowed us to provide our customers with outstanding technical customer service, on-time deliveries and continued engineering innovation.

Conventional mechanical steam traps all use some form of moving part that allows the valve to open and close (an inverted bucket, ball, bimetallic element, disc or thermostatic element). These mechanical parts are opening and closing hundreds of times a day, which can lead to a potential break or leak of large amounts of steam, which is expensive to fix and causes a lot of unnecessary pollution.

Delta steam traps have no internal moving parts, therefore do not fail or break, and they do not need to be repaired or require spare parts. They are guaranteed for 20 years against failure because they have no moving parts and are more reliable than any conventional steam trap in the market. They work on the principle of downstream flash steam to self-regulate the upstream condensate flow and allow condensate to be removed and keep the steam in the system, which leads to faster and more efficient production due to improved heat transfer.

Advantages include fuel and steam savings; improved production; less maintenance time, cost and staff; CO₂ emission reduction; improved production efficiencies; no spare/moving parts; a 20 year guarantee; and the elimination of steam trap surveys and water hammer.

Will Venturi Style Steam Traps work for me?

If you’re in the market for a new steam trap, then you’re probably wondering which style is best for your needs and application, and we’re here to help.

Since Venturi style steam traps were introduced to the market, there have been some contradicting claims about the technology. In this article, we’d like to share an interview we did with Bryan Anderson, President of Delta Steam Systems, who manufactures a venturi style steam trap. Here we go!


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