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Your Partner for Process Components

A Dedicated Team within Peerless, Inc.

Peerless, Inc.’s PROCORE team is focused on helping you build quality equipment, delivered to your customers on time, and with all the necessary documentation.

The PROCORE mission is to take the extra effort to understand your business and your products, to ultimately save you time, resources and money by managing every project detail for you.

The PROCORE expertise is in streamlining processes, decreasing lead time, and reducing transactions and inventory.

We supply hard-to-source components, along with value added component kitting services, documentation services, PO consolidation, traceability, pin-stamping and complimenting industry knowledge and best practices.

What does Peerless PROCORE do?

Kitting, PO Consolidation and Documentation

We offer component kitting, documentation, and P.O. consolidation services. Our team of experienced application engineers are dedicated to reviewing your challenging specs and working with your own initiatives to help you seek process improvement.

Hard-to-Source Components

We have formed relationships with over 200 manufacturing partners, offering a wide variety of products and brands to choose from.

Pin-Stamping and Traceability

Every fitting and valve can be pin-stamped with unique part numbers for traceability to tie the part to the proper documentation. Of course, we’ll always have the documentation to support.

How Component Kitting Services Can Uncover Hidden Profit

We believe there is no single approach to a successful kitting program, as every opportunity has its own unique challenges, but the benefits are typically fairly consistent.

In this article, we discuss four ways component kitting services can uncover hidden profit.


Avoiding Hidden Pitfalls in Challenging Valve Specifications

Because the valves required to build these systems can represent a relatively large-spend category – and because your customers continue to throw ever-increasingly challenging requirements your way – today we’re going to focus specifically on that huge pile of valve specifications.

Watch how PROCORE works and the benefits of Component Kitting

What is component kitting? It is the Peerless PROCORE expertise in providing everything our customers need from hard to source products, important documentation, and on-time delivery. The process cross-functionally supports supply chain, operations and engineering within one process and improves project efficiency.

Why Choose Peerless?

As a leader in industrial process solutions, we uphold the importance of building safe, reliable piping systems engineered to be efficient and sustainable for years to come.

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  • AML Friendly
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5 Benefits of Using the New Method to Achieve Double Block & Bleed

True Double Block & Bleed can be accomplished in different ways; while specific sets of operating criteria and unique piping arrangements may point to one method over another.

Here is a list of benefits you can expect to achieve while using a single-body, forged valve (with 2 separate isolates & 1 vent), versus the “traditional” Double Block & Bleed method, using multiple valves and piping.

Traditional vs New DBB