Peerless is your reliable supplier that offers unparalleled craftsmanship and project assistance. From our warehouses to offices, we assist in sourcing, engineering, and delivering products and solutions to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Peerless is committed to addressing any project requirement, our team is driven by a Can-Do Attitude, ready to solve problems and ensure success. 

Discover firsthand how our team’s Can-Do Attitude benefits customers in meeting their project needs.

Kevin Renaud – Vice President of Business Development

Can-Do Attitude

“While we strive to be perfect, no one ever is. So when something does go wrong or not according to plan, no one’s kicking and screaming. We roll up our sleeves, we walk down to what we call the “Can-Do Room” and we just figure it out and move on. So I think that in essence is the Can-Do spirit around here.”

Peerless is…Reliable

“I think it’s mostly because we have a bunch of like minded people here that really care about getting it done right for the customer. They come to us with a lot of custom engineered products and equipment and are looking for us to help them stay compliant with their customers so they get it right the first time and we can all move on to the next project.”

Diane Passenant – Senior Application Engineer

Peerless is…Problem Solvers

“When problems come to light we start by understanding the issue at hand. We brainstorm potential solutions, considering various perspectives and expertise with the team. Once a potential solution is identified, we assess the feasibility, risk and potential outcomes. When we find a solution, we implement it by communicating and iterating if needed. We perform regular evaluations, whether it be within our own facility or through customer follow ups.”

Charlie Hathaway – Customer Support Manager

Peerless is…Trustworthy

“Customers trust working with Peerless because we are very honest, we deliver our products on time and we are very fair. We are not perfect by any means but we over-communicate and over-deliver.”

“Everybody knows problems are problems, they always arise and they always seem to arise at the worst time. Our team works diligently to not only address the problems, but fix the problems as well. We don’t come to you and say, “Hey, the order is going to be four weeks late. That’s too bad.” We understand that you need your products now, and if you need your products, we’ll work diligently to find alternatives. We will do everything we can to fix the problem, and not just bring you a problem.”

Peerless holds ISO Certification, is AML Friendly, and stands as a repository of knowledge through our experienced team and extensive partnerships. With 110 years of business and a dedicated Can-Do Attitude, Peerless emerges as a unique and exceptional partner.

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