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hosemaster expansion joints

When To Use Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are defined as a device containing one or more metal bellows used to absorb dimensional changes such as those caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipe-line, duct, or vessel.

Expansion joints are typically used for axial and lateral movement to provide extension, compression, and movement parallel to flow in a pipeline.

Expansion Joint Capabilities

There are a few misconceptions about using expansion joints. We’re here to clarify how we can customize and build an optimal solution.

  • A multiple-ply pump connector can be more pliable than a short braided hose
  • Bellows can be joined together to create universal expansion joints to handle larger unilateral movements
  • Expansion joints can be more expensive, but they are designed to last for years
  • Multi-ply expansion joints have excellent vibration and sound dampening properties

Expansion Joint Services

Our partnership with Hose Master has allowed us to provide our customers with outstanding technical customer service, on-time deliveries and continued engineering innovation. Our experienced team can weld and braze end fittings on many types of hose. Applications include:

  • Chemical
  • Steel
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and beverage
  • Breweries
  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical
  • Bulk material handling

Watch Training Videos on Metal Hose & Expansion Joints

Want to learn more about Metal Hose & Expansion Joints? These eLearning training videos give you access to knowledge and expertise that will help ensure your operations run as safely and efficiently as possible.

Expansion Joints vs. Metal Hose

Braided metal hose assemblies and expansion joints are very similar in characteristics, however it is the difference in construction that determines which type is best for particular applications.

In this article, we take a look at both types and compare their similarities.


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