At Peerless, we align ourselves with best-in-class manufacturers of raw goods ensure that we deliver only the best finished product. Through our partnership with US manufacturer Hose Master, we are able to fabricate, weld and distribute top of the line flexible metal hose assemblies.

1. Fabrication

Each stage of the fabrication process is done with expert precision and tried and true industry practices. Our fabricators will build to exact customer specifications, and will start by cutting the hose to any length, from 6 inches to well over 50 feet if need be. After the hoses are cut and marked with the job traveler, they then go through the welding process.

2. Welding

Our full service weld shop is capable of attaching a wide variety of end connection types. Our meticulous tig style welding is perfect for all different types of end connection types and fittings. When the welding process is complete, it then moves onto the finishing, inspection and testing operations.

3. Testing and Operations

At every weld point, the area is buffed to ensure that it is not only free of any burrs or rough areas., but also simply because it looks better. Then, based on customer requirements, we will perform hydrostatic or pneumatic testing to ensure that it is leak free for our customers.

4. Packing and Shipping

After the hoses go through the inspection process, our fabrication and quality teams will package the assemblies with care in order to ensure they get safely to their destination with no over-bending. 

All metal hose shipments are held to our strict on time delivery metrics and our team will be in constant communication throughout the process. 

Watch a full video about our metal hose fabrication process  on our YouTube channel.

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