How can your supplier help you capture more aftermarket sales?

As end users continue to do all they can to extend the life of systems that you built for them many years ago, it is as important as ever to continue to seek every opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of that sale – that customer. No doubt your customer will have a need to replace some of the components as time goes by; after working so hard to specify the proper components, don’t you deserve the right to capture these sales?  

In this article, we discuss four ways your supplier can help you capture more aftermarket sales.

1. Custom Artwork - Your Logo

Your company has worked hard to build your brand and logo, and if you’re like most companies, there is a shared sense of pride surrounding it.

There are many components that lend themselves very well to the addition of your corporate logo. Not only will this continue to build your brand wherever your project lives, but when replacements are needed, they will be compelled to seek an exact, as-original replacement to ensure that system performance will not be compromised.

2. Customer-Specific Part Numbers

With proper communication with manufacturers, customer-specific part numbers and drawings can be created which will ensure that if this product ever comes up for quote anywhere else, it will be directed back to the point of original sale. You own the right for that sale every time it comes up.

3. Pin-Stamping & Identification

Speaking of part numbers, where the product may not be suitable for your full-color logo, there are other methods to have unique part numbers, websites, phone numbers and logos permanently etched into the product – even on a short length of pipe or on the head of a custom fastener or bolt.

4. Shipping / Fulfillment

If aftermarket sales already play an important role in your overall strategy, then you likely have systems in place already to fulfill orders. 

If this is new to you, then know a good partner should be willing to make it easy and direct ship to your end user, using your packing slips so it looks like it was shipped directly from you. Just ask them!

At Peerless, our team of application engineers and trained product specialists can help you maximize your return though aftermarket opportunities on any request.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an inquiry online or call us at 1-800-234-3033 and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.