At Procore, we take great pride in making our customers better at what they do, and that starts with our Kitting Process. We will take care all of the sourcing, shipping and quality assurance, to make sure you can focus more on strategy.

We talked to our Procore team on how the Kitting Process can help your organization to reduce redundant tasks, improve reliability of supply and drive supply chain cost reductions.

What is the Kitting Process?


“The Kitting Process allows customers to give us a segment of their billing materials where we go out and source it to their specific requirements. We package it in a way that makes it smart for their assembly, we ship it on time when they need it with all the documentation and all the requirements met where everything is in one concise box. It’s not the what we do, it’s the how we do it to make it easier for our customers.”

How is the Kitting Process Beneficial to Customers?


“Our customers could issue one purchase order for potentially hundreds of items which saves money in the procurement process and also in the warehouse. Procore can be your engineers, your customer service, we can be everything you need us to be.”

How Does Engineering Support the Kitting Process?


“So everything gets inspected when it arrives in the facility, but also when the actual bill of materials is being put in or kitted, we do a second inspection just to make sure that it meets all of the testing requirements and any certifications that it might need to meet. Our inspectors do a really good job of that if they ever have any questions about whether or not a spec is being met they can just ask one of our engineers and we’ll help them out.”

“We will look over all of the customer requirements and any spec packages that they might send over. We will set up that in our system so it flows through our shop. Any questions that might come along, what testing is required, any documentation, make sure that it meets what the customer needs.”

Watch a full video about our Kitting Process on our YouTube channel.

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