Historically, Valve manufacturing has relied on hydrocarbon emissions which consists of utilizing fossil fuels. The numerous industries, and the general public has been starting to transition away from the traditional hydrocarbon markets and make clean energy and sustainability a priority. 

Oliver Hydcovalves 

Oliver Hydcovalves recognizes the global concern of hydrocarbon emissions like global warming, rising sea levels, and burning of fossil fuels. Oliver is now joining the effort to support cleaner energy on the global scale, with a goal of transitioning away from traditional carbon markets and moving towards hydrogen emission to promote cleaner energy. Oliver Hydcovalves is dedicated to providing valve technologies that support net zero emissions targets of industrial use. 

Route to Clean Energy

As a whole, the global energy sector is undergoing a major transition away from fossil fuels, with an immediate focus on electrification. Currently, 95% of the world’s hydrogen production is from fossil fuels, and strides are being made to lower the number. The energy sector has seen significant growth in renewable energy like wind and solar. Oliver is seeing the trends, and is delivering a wide range of valves compatible with most hydrogen applications up to 700bar. 

Combating Hydrocarbon Emissions

Oliver Hydcovalves has developed innovative technology that is designed to cut carbon emissions. Oliver patented the high performance steam seal arrangement designed to limit leaks in the valve, stopping emissions from seeping out. This seal is constructed from a high performance polymer, which offers superior permeability over conventional gland sealing polymers such as PEEK and PTFE. This patent from Oliver was approved by major Oil and Gas Companies and has gone through an extensive testing procedure including a 100 hour permeability test and a fugitive emissions test.