Mixing Compression Tube Fittings

DK-Lok recently conducted a complete “intermix” test between DK-Lok and Swagelok products against the standard battery of tests in ASTM F-1387.

The purpose of the test was to establish that any intermixed combination of DK-Lok and Swagelok individual components will provide leak-free performance synonymous with pure assemblies; when subjected to various conditions inherent to the environments for which compression tube fittings are commonly exposed in practical every day installations.

Click HERE to view the test results/performance report.

Take a look at the performance results which confirms DK-Lok Tube Fittings are interchangeable with Swagelok for threads, make-up distance, bore, sealing integrity, surface finish, design and pressure ratings.

In fact, DK-Lok even offers an intermix guarantee publicly to the marketplace based upon TUV Rhineland witnessing of intermix test results between DK-Lok and Swagelok components in accordance with ASTM F1387-99 (2005).

Thinking about leaving Swagelok for another manufacturer?

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