6 Interesting Products by REOTEMP Instruments

REOTEMP Instrument manufactures customized temperature and pressure instruments for the industrial markets. In this article, we learn more about some of the interesting products REOTEMP has to offer.

Dual Mode Thermometers

A Dual Mode Thermometer consists of two temperature sensors in one:  A Bimetal Dial Thermometer (for local indication) and a Thermocouple or RTD sensor (to send a signal).  This redundant reading of a Dual Mode Thermometer increases safety and reliability.

Having two independent sensors checking the same point in the process allows you to do an informal accuracy check. If one fails, the other is usually unaffected and if you lose power, the bimetal will still function. And if the steam is bent, the sensor will still function.

Hi-Vis Dials

A Hi-Vis dial can be found usually in low light environments. It can also be seen more easily at a distance and has a combination of a bright yellow dial, oversized numbers, and a large red pointer (press gauges only). It’s an option for most pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, and dual mode thermometers. It doesn’t glow in the dark, but it reflects back ambient light similar to street signs.

Hi-Vis dials are used in low light applications or whenever gauges are mounted at a distance, hard to reach, or located in tight areas. Many customers use the Hi-Vis dial as their standard because of the easy to read dial and noticeable color or on a process line to differentiate it from support lines (air, stream and water). They can also be found in areas of the process where safety is a concern.

Hi-Vis dials are used in nearly all the industrial markets including power plants; water and wastewater; food and beverage; chemical plants, water & wastewater; refineries; off-shore rigs; marine; cement plants, etc.

It’s also available in all standard temperature ranges, on all industrial thermometers, repairable pressure gauges and dual mode thermometers and customizable with private labeling.

MS8 Seal Gauges

A MS8 Seal Gauge is a pressure gauge with an integral, fusion-welded diaphragm seal.  It is compact in design and can be assembled and shipped much more quickly than traditional assemblies (especially when exotic materials are required).

Customers who use this like the longevity of their pressure gauges, control of fugitive emissions, protection from corrosive process media, a gauge they can actually read in low light (the Hi-Vis option), and a tamper-proof diaphragm seal assembly.

For additional protection from an especially nasty process media, it’s available with Hastelloy C-276 wetted parts (NACE Compliant) and it’s available in ranges from vacuum thru 5,000 psi (1,500 psi for Hastelloy).

ReoClick - Sanitary Temperature Sensors

The ReoClick makes it real easy to disconnect and reconnect your temperature sensor.  With the click of a button, your temperature sensor is released from the female adapter allowing it to be quickly placed into a temperature bath for a quick calibration check and then snapped back into place in a matter of seconds.  No threaded connections which can twist and tangle wires!

ReoClicks are often used for pharmaceutical labs, food & beverage processors, and biotech companies when they are required by federal regulations and/or tight process specifications to verify on a regular basis that their temperature sensors are within acceptable temperature limits.

In order to check the sensors, they are removed from the process and placed in a calibrated temperature bath.  This can be time consuming if the sensors are threaded into the process pipes. The lead wires must first be disconnected from the control panel to avoid twisting and pulling the wires as the sensor is unscrewed.

Using the ReoClick, with the push of a button, the temperature element is snapped free and the fully sealed sensor can be placed directly into a calibration bath, checked, and re-inserted into the female adapter. No disconnecting lead wires or twisted wires involved.

Cooling Towers

A cooling tower is a pressure accessory that protects pressure instruments from extremely hot process media. The cooling tower threads directly into the process or into a diaphragm seal, the instrument is threaded into the top of the cooling tower and it physically moves the instrument away from the process pipe.

Inside the tower is a S.S. capillary that coils in circles as it goes up to the pressure instrument.  Air cools the coil as the hot process fluid (or fill fluid if using a diaphragm seal) travels upward, reducing the temperature dramatically – up to 700F.

Cooling towers are used in many process markets including power plants, chemical plants, refineries, offshore rigs, etc. and can be used with pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, or pressure switches.

Z-Temp Transmitters

A Z-Temp transmitter is available in HART or standard 4-20mA with an explosion proof housing (FM, CSA, ATEX, & EExd) and a local digital display.  The Z-Temp is a more economical alternative to traditional fully-featured smart transmitters and it’s great for applications the basics – and a little bit more.

The Z-Temp is built for heavy-duty, harsh, industrial environments and is roughly half the cost of a traditional smart transmitter which a much brighter LED display. It’s also easy to set up, as the unit is pre-calibrated to customer-specified 4-20mA output and the simple wiring instructions.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an inquiry online or call us at 1-800-234-3033 and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.