Expansion Joints vs. Metal Hose

Posted by Jenn Precopio on April 15, 2019

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Braided metal hose assemblies and expansion joints are very similar in characteristics, however it is the difference in construction that determines which type is best for particular applications. Let’s take a look at each type and compare similarities so we know which one to select the next time we place an order.  Braided metal hose assemblies are made from flexible, per foot corrugated hose typically constructed from a single strip layer. The quantity of corrugations
In April of 2017, Peerless acquired the Hi-Temp Fabrication operation that specializes in the fabrication and distribution of non-metallic materials. Now it’s two years later and we’re just starting to scratch the surface of possibilities (see what I did there?). Our fabrication shop makes a wide variety of specialty products including insulation boards, panels, blankets, rolls, and laboratory tops for the aluminum, steel, gas, furnace, refractory, electrical and petrochemical industries. Some of the products we routinely

5 Reasons for Choosing DK-LOK

Posted by Jenn Precopio on April 2, 2019

As the industry continues to look for ways to reduce cost without sacrificing quality or pushing out lead times, one of the things we’re seeing a lot is the switch from Swagelok to DK-LOK for compression tube fittings and instrument valves. In fact, some of our toughest customers playing in the global oil and gas markets have already made the switch and they are very satisfied with what they found. Why the switch you ask?  Here
Are you trying to choose which insulation product is right for your application where high strength, thermal stability, electrical insulation and/or machinability are required? Let’s compare the key properties of two popular options and provide a comparison to assist in your decision-making process. Download The PDF Version Transite 1000 vs. NAD-11 Common Applications Both can be used to insulate load-bearing gaskets, as spacers, supports, laboratory benchtops, collars, bushings, transformer spacers, or even industrial oven shelving

Mixing Brands?

Posted by Peerless on February 28, 2019

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There’s been a great deal of research and testing done on the topic of mixing compression fittings of different brands. What follows are the results of a recent test. Tensile Pull Testing The purpose of this test procedure is to establish that any intermixed combination of DK LOK® and Swagelok® individual components will provide leak-free performance synonymous with pure assemblies when subjected to various conditions inherent to the environments for which compression tube fittings are