Valves 101 eLearning Webinar

Valves 101 eLearning Webinar

Looking to get your feet wet learning about Valves? It can be overwhelming to know where to start, but our Valves 101 webinar gives you an entry-level overview at manual valves. See the video below for a preview of what to expect!

As part of our Peerless eLearning Training Series, join us to watch the full recording of the webinar presentation from the resident Peerless valve expert, Kevin Renaud. He covers an easy entry review of manual valves that includes gates, globes, checks, ball and butterfly valves.

The presentation covered:

  • Drawings & functionality
  • Common terms
  • Industry specifications
  • Forged vs. cast, etc.

This complimentary webinar may prove beneficial if you:

  • Currently use & maintain valves in a process system

  • Want a better general understanding of valve mechanics, type designations and their use cases

  • Are in a position where you specify/source/purchase products impacted by this topic 

If there are others in your organization that you feel could benefit from this training recording, please pass along the video!

Find the Full Video Below!

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