Stra-Val Relief Valves, Regulators & Strainers

Stra-Val designs and manufactures its own line of low pressure valves and high pressure relief valves, back pressure valves, pressure regulators and basket strainer products. Available in stainless steel and all high-performance alloys and most plastics.

Stra-Val is a manufacturer of relief valves, back pressure valves, pressure-reducing valves, pump overpressure valves, bypass valves, and basket strainer assemblies. Each strainer and valve is individually tested before packaging and shipment to assure trouble-free performance.


Stra-Val’s simplex basket strainer-filter products are manufactured with both perforated metal and wire mesh baskets down to 25 microns also in stainless steel, Hastelloy C276, Monel, Titanium and Alloy 20.

They also manufacture a pressure-reducing valve that provides controlled outlet pressure and is self-regulating using spring-loaded or remote air-loaded means for valve pressure control. Many of these products are available with sanitary flange connections as sanitary pressure regulators, sanitary bypass valves, and sanitary relief valves, in an all stainless steel valve construction.

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