Success Stories

Addressing Failure Modes to Build a Better Hose

Working Smarter, Not Harder

When a dogleg hose assembly on a compressed air application fails, what happens next? Learn how Peerless forensically analyzed customer hose failure and re-engineered a more efficient & effective solution for multiple applications.

FRP Cone

for Hatch Sealing and Vapor Recovery

Depending on the medium being loaded or unloaded, there are potentially strict guidelines that dictate how "tight" a loading operation must be. This is where hatch covers, cones and plugs become necessary. These apparatus allow for closed filling of hazardous materials as well as the means for recovering harmful or noxious vapors via vacuum scrubber or natural aspiration. Application of these devised makes for a safer, cleaner and more efficient loading process. Discover how Peerless took a customer requirement for a tapered hatch seal from concept, to product that exceeds all expectations.


Medical Tubing, Lumetrics Achieves 75% Labor Savings

A prominent medical tubing manufacturer approached lumetrics with a need for a non-contact, waterless inspection system for their products. OptiGauge provided a system that simultaneously measured tube wall thickness, inner diameter, outer diameter, ovality and concentricity, and automatically downloaded test results to a central data storage system. OptiGauge was installed in a clean room environment, and provided highly accurate measurements in less time, with reduced operator error. OptiGauge can also be installed on their production line providing real-time measurement and feedback to the manufacturing process, without the need for multiple measurement systems and integration required between the different vendors' systems.


Trouble Shooting Butterfly Valve Saves Manufacturer Thousands

When one of Peerless' valve clients contacted their representative in the Rochester, NY area with a nagging butterfly valve issue, and our rep & product manager teamed up to provide a lasting solution. After an initial valve survey, our product manager was able to specify a replacement valve that has lasted up to three times longer than the original installation. The savings this solution produced enabled our client to reallocate a sizable percentage of their annual maintenance budget.


Batch Control Provides Consistent, Dependable Results

A Midwest meat packaging plant recently introduced a new product, which included one pork rib, 14 ounces of barbeque sauce and a small plastic bag. The challenge was to develop a system in which they could accurately dose the exact volume of sauce from the 55-gallon storage drums. In the beginning the company would place the rib in the bag and then have employees use a small ladle to scoop the sauce from the drum. The company was presented with several accuracy problems with bags containing various amounts of sauce. The inconsistency proved to be costly. The Solution: Standard Pump's Sanitary Batch-Control System (Conductive Solutions). The company mounted the Batch-Control System in 55-gallon drums of sauce and preset the volume for 14 ounces. As the bags passed under the discharge of the system the operator simply pressed the Enter key, which accurately delivered 14-ounce doses.


Workers Complain of Odors

Nederman USA - During Fiber Optics manufacturing, employees use an epoxy to connect different length of fiber cable. At a local Fiber Optics Cable Manufacturing workers were complaining about the strong odors created by this process. Another main concern was that the position of the fume arms proposed could not remain in a fixed position to work efficiently because the point at where the fumes would be generated would vary everyday.

Why Choose Peerless?

As a leader in safety, Peerless understands the importance of building safe, reliable piping systems that last for years to come.

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