Oliver Double Block & Bleed Valves

Oliver Double Block & Bleed Valves

The Double Block & Bleed concept was pioneered by Oliver Valves in the early 1980’s and has since become a standard world wide. Each Double Block & Bleed (DBB) has a unique serial number which records it’s factory history and provides traceability.

Double Block & Bleed valves are used in critical applications where cost, weight and space savings are paramount for pressure instrument take-off points.

Oliver Valves has since grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of instrumentation, subsea, and pipeline valves for the global energy sector and they’ve manufactured more than 300,000 of these units installed worldwide.

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Operating in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, Oliver’s high quality of standards ensure reliability is always delivered and that’s why we love working with them so much. It is their mission to provide all customers  outstanding technical customer service, on-time deliveries and continued engineering innovation.

Double Block & Bleed valves can be used for sampling systems where a pipeline probe is integral with the valve or in chemical injection systems where a check valve is part of the valve assembly.

They are also good for draining tanks and pipes where space is restricted and they can be used to reduce vibrational stresses. And they can be used for high pressure firesafe diverter valves or hydraulic power unit systems; and the cost savings with exotic material designs are huge.

Some key advantages include:

  • Eliminate a terrific amount of space when compared with welding three individual valves together
  • Reduce labor and site installation costs
  • A reduced amount of leakage points – a huge benefit as fugitive emissions are so important.
  • There’s only one component to be ordered, which saves on inventory and site confusion.
  • The pressure instrument is a lot closer to the point of pressure measurement, which saves space (most important on skid mounting applications).
  • Unique numbering system on each valve recording factory history.

Specializing primarily in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Oliver operates internationally across all regions and they have specialists located all over the world.

The Oliver Double Block & Bleed part machine program was set-up many years ago, in which all aspects of the DBB concept are machined. You simply specify the desired flange, which reduces lead time and results in quicker shipping. It’s pretty neat.

You can choose from a variety of different variations, including vent and injection, ball range, exotic materials, and all the options available from standard ball and needle valves.

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So as you can see, there’s tremendous amount of value behind Oliver’s Double Block & Bleed valve, which is why we love them so much.

What do you think?  Have you had any success with DBB valves in the past? Tell us in the comments.