This success story demonstrates how the SI Group Manufacturing prefers OPW Engineered System for their Drylock Disconnect Couplers and Adaptors because of their outstanding safety features and virtually no fluid loss and no exposure.

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During this video, Ian Bryant, Engineering Manager at Oliver Valves, shows off their manufacturing operations and explains the design of a Double Block & Bleed valve.
Understanding Certifications in the Hose and Piping Industry
In this video, Hose Master explains how to determine if a specific requirement or certification is necessary for your application.
Oliver Valves Instrumentation and Pipeline Valves
Oliver Valves has since grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of instrumentation, subsea, and pipeline valves for the global energy sector and they’ve manufactured more than 300,000 of these units installed worldwide.
An Introduction to Aflex Hose
Aflex Hose is a world-class manufacturer of PTFE flexible hose. Every step in their process from engineering, manufacturing, equipment innovation, service, training and certifications is continuously monitored and improved to deliver the best metal hose and expansion joints.
In this video, Hose Master explains Hose applications can be tricky, and misapplying or improperly installing a hose can severely limit its ability to perform in service and can reduce its lifespan.
Hose applications can be tricky, and misapplying or improperly installing a hose can severely limit its ability to perform in service, and can reduce its lifespan. Following these tips can really help!
In this video, Frank Caprio from Hose Master provides tips on how to accurately measure hose lengths for flexible metal hose assemblies.
Oliver Twinsafe offers a range of valves from 1″ to 16″ in either full or reduced bore sizes, in ASME pressure Classes from 150 to 2500 and API ratings up to 10,000 API. Both soft and metal seated options are available. 
Along with superior product quality, REOTEMP is proud to offer responsive customer service for Diaphragm seals, intuitive online product configurators, and the industry’s quickest lead times.
A common issue with diaphragm seal performance is that of ambient temperature drift. In this video, REOTEMP explains one simple way to solve this problem.
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