Oliver Twinsafe’s Double Block & Bleed valves are used as part of a project for Maersk’s Tyra field, delivering innovative valve solutions for use in the Danish North Sea. Ian Bryant, their Engineering Manager shows our manufacturing operations and explains the design of a DBB valve at our headquarters based in Knutsford, U.K.

Oliver designs, builds, inspects, tests and paints a full range of Instrumentation, Piping and Subsea valves in-house. Ian Bryant, their Engineering Manager shows our manufacturing operations and explains the design of a DBB valve at our headquarters based in Knutsford, U.K.

The valves undergo rigorous testing on-site inclusive of pressure testing reaching above and beyond 10,000 psi and exposure to extreme temperatures with zero leakage. Each stage of the manufacturing process involves meticulous operations; from the implementation of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) throughout design concept to the specialist application of epoxy paint, they pride themselves in providing reliability under pressure with every Oliver product. As pioneers of valve innovation for over 40 years, the Oliver companies take a consultancy approach to provide a bespoke service and have worked with thousands of bluechip companies worldwide.

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