Process Flow Components and Solutions

Peerless’ solutions for industrial measurement include a complete line of pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation.Learn More
If you’re looking for valves that isolate, switch or control fluid flow in a piping system, you’re in the right place.Learn More
Peerless is a specialist in Teflon®, Silicone and Stainless Steel fabricated process hose assemblies,
and carries an extensive offering of expansion joints, loading arms, swivel joints & rotary unions. Learn More
 Whether you’re transferring chemicals, CIP solutions, beverages, pharmaceuticals, raw ingredients or lubricants,  Peerless has a wide variety of specialty pumps to fit your need. Learn More
For every Peerless component, there’s a service available that can extend it’s life, leading to improved productivity & safety. From fabrication and assembly to training and testing, Peerless can help your organization improve bottom line.Learn More
dk2DK-Lok fittings and valves are manufactured to the most stringent industry standards. As a result, DK-Lok is one of the most certified tube fitting and valve manufacturers in the world. Our guarantee is a leak-tight seal in process, power, and instrumentation applications.Learn More
We’re proud to introduce Peerless Workspace, a new division with an important focus. Your people deserve truly clean air and safe access to bulk transfer areas and utilities.Learn More