In this video, SI Group Manufacturing explains why they trust OPW Engineered Systems with their loading arms, counterbalances and swivels.

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Loading and Unloading Operations – Featuring OPW
This was a recorded webinar presentation with our partner OPW Engineered Systems, to discuss the topic of loading and unloading operations in a fluid process facility (chemical, fuel, cryogenic, food).
Success Story: Disconnect Couplers & Adaptors
This success story demonstrates how the SI Group Manufacturing prefers OPW Engineered System for their Drylock Disconnect Couplers and Adaptors because of their outstanding safety features and virtually no fluid loss and no exposure.
OPW Loading Systems
The transfer of volatile, valuable, potentially toxic fluids requires highly engineered loading arms, couplers and swivels. OPW Engineered Systems is the global leader in the design and manufacture of products that transfer fluids safer, cleaner, and faster.