Process Hose Fabrication

Industrial hose assemblies customized to your specifications. We will create a hose that fits your needs perfectly in size, length, material and fitting. Peerless’ hose fabrication specialists are certified with NAHAD (National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution), ensuring you will have a safe, high quality, reliable hose assembly.

Extend the life of your industrial hose with Peerless’ hose services:

Hose Inspection – Advanced in-house, stainless steel hydrotest structure and pressure measurement system.

Hose Testing – Have our hose doctor make a visit to check up on your hoses. Sign up to receive a reminder for hose maintenance.

Hose Tagging – Save yourself time searching for hose documentation with our component tagging system. Our customized component tag may be attached, for an at-a-glance record of your hose specifications.

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