Peerless Hi-Temp Fabrication

Peerless Hi-Temp Fabrication

Owned and operated by the Peerless team, Peerless Hi-Temp specializes in the fabrication and distribution of non-metallic materials.

The Custom Fabrication of Non-Metallic Materials

We are a fabricator and provider of sophisticated parts made from cement, calcium silicate, glass composite and polyester, and ceramic based boards as well as epoxy and phenolic based laboratory tops.

Our fabrication shop makes a wide variety of specialty products including insulation boards, panels, blankets, rolls and laboratory tops and surfaces for the aluminum, steel, gas, furnace, refractory, electrical and petrochemical industries.

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Why Choose Peerless Hi-Temp?

As a leader in safety, Peerless understands the importance of fabricating specialized insulation products and laboratory work-surfaces that meet your specifications.

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Our team of mechanical engineers is ready to conquer challenging applications.

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We have developed extensive partnerships with various manufacturers all around the world.

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More About Us

Peerless, Inc. was founded in 1914 by three business partners but in 1917, a leading stockholder named John C. McKendry was named company president. Now more than 100 years later, Peerless is still owned and operated by the McKendry family and his great-grandson David is leading the way.

In 2017, we acquired the 25 year old fabrication business from other relatives, retained the key staff and moved everyone into a newer facility. As a leader in safety and Winner of the Top Manufacturers Award for Operational Excellence in 2019 by Buffalo Business First, Peerless Hi-Temp can help you build dependable equipment and surface tops that last for years to come.

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Our mechanical engineers are ready for challenging applications.