Tube Fittings & Valves


Tube Fittings & Valves

DK-Lok fittings and valves are manufactured to the most stringent industry standards. As a result, DK-Lok is one of the most certified tube fitting and valve manufacturers in the world. Our guarantee is a leak-tight seal in process, power, and instrumentation applications. Our commitment is to provide our clients reliable products and unparalleled customer service. As your fittings and valve supplier, it’s our responsibility to bring increased value to your company.

DK-Lok’s staff is committed to providing you with unparalleled customer service. Through our quality valve and fitting products, customer service, and pricing DK-Lok is able to create a true value for you, our clients. DK-Lok Fittings and Valves looks forward to creating a solution for whatever need you may have.  Click For New Products >>>

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DK LOK Fittings Valves

NEW DK-LOK Products

DK-LOK® CNG/NGV Products Condensed Catalog DK-LOK CNG/NGV Products Condensed CatalogDownload Now

  • DK-LOK® CNG/NGV Ball Valves & Filters
  • DK-LOK® CNG/NGV Check, Relief, Bleed & RCQ Valves
  • DK-LOK® Instrumentation Pipe & Weld Fittings

DK-LOK® Clean Fittings Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

  • Clean Weld Fittings
  • Metal Gasket Face-Seal Fittings

V61 Series Vent Relief Valves Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

V61 Series Vent Relief Valves are designed to vent out the excess pressure from the line, automatically, to keep the required line pressure safely when the line pressure is exceeded over the limitation unusually. These valves can be used in the case that the working fluid is not harmful when vented out. The level of cracking pressure should be set by adjusting the force of the spring in the valve before this valve is installed in the system.

VD3 Series Diaphragm Valves Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

The diaphragm valve is used for shut-off, isolation in gas control systems, and analyzer sampling systems.The valve ensures positive and consistent shut-off with manual and offers a metal to metal seal to atmosphere for leak integrity with thin plate diaphragm.

Metering Valves Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

VM 1D, 3D, 6D Series

V13W Series Bellows Valves Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

V13W series bellows offers the most difficult fluid handling applications. This design, with the secondary sealing system, fits to the need for a safe and reliable system.

Applications include cryogenic to high temperatures, high pressure to vacuum in power plants, instrumentation, panels, and critical sampling system for toxic, radioactive, and hazardous fluids.

Push-On Hose Fittings Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

DK-LOK Push-On Hose Fittings are designed for use with high-quality and low-pressure elastomeric compound hose such as textile braid reinforced synthetic rubber hose.

CP Series Hydraulic Condensate Pot Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

CP Series Hydraulic Condensate Pots are designed and configured in six layouts. Refer to POT Configuration.

DK-LOK® DO Series O-Ring Face Seal Fittings Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

  • Female Nut Blind Nut
  • Blind Nut
  • Glands Swivel Union
  • Dk-Lok Tube Fitting Connector
  • Tube Adapter Gland
  • Weld Tube Socket Weld Gland
  • Tube Socket Weld Reducing Gland
  • Male Tube Weld Gland
  • Automatic Tube Weld Gland
  • Glands Male Connector
  • Female Connector
  • Male SAE/MS Connector
  • Bodies Union
  • Bulkhead Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Elbow
  • Tee
  • Bodies Plugs
  • Dk-Lok Tube Fitting Connector
  • Dk-Lok Tube Fitting Bulkhead Connector
  • Dk-Lok Tube Fitting Elbow
  • Bodies Tube Socket Weld Connector
  • Automatic Tube Weld Connector
  • Male Connector
  • Bodies Female Connector
  • Male Elbow
  • Male SAE/MS Connector
  • Male SAE/MS Positionable Elbow

J Series Air Distribution Manifolds (Air Header) Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

J Series Air Distribution Manifolds are designed and configured in any layout to fit the application as per client’s requirements.

Metal Flexible Hoses Stainless Steel Instrumentation Download Now

Using cleaned and passivated parts, the hoses and end connection are welded. Every hose assembly of MFH & FH Series is factory tested using nitrogen or cleaned air @ 1000 psig (68 bar) at the room temperature, and individually packed in a plastic sealing bag with an external label. The hydrostatic test of 1.1 times the working pressure or helium leak test is optional.

VC34 Series CNG Check Valves Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

  • High Flow check valve.
  • Bar stock two piece study design.
  • Poppet O-ring secured on groove provides leak-tight seal.
  • Unidirectional flow control of fluids
  • Prevent loss of media caused by failed connections.

NGV Products – RCQ Series Receptacle Stainless Steel InstrumentationDownload Now

  • DK-LOK RCQ series receptacles fully comply with and are certified to the ANSI/AGA/CGA/NGV1 and ECE R110 standards for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) fueling connection devices.
  • DK-LOK RCQ series receptacle is designed for permanent mounting on a compressed natural gas vehicle (NGV).
  • DK-LOK RCQA receptacle utilizes the NGV 1 profile which allows complete interchangeability to any fueling nozzles conforming to the NGV 1 standard.

DQH Series High Flow Quick Coupler Stainless Steel Instrumentation Download Now

  • Standard SS316 and Carbon Steel construction
  • Standard Buna-N seal O-ring.
  • Body and Stem Ball-locking for positive connection.
  • Standard Double Valve (DV) on body and stem.
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturer’s coupler.

DK-LOK® Ultra-Torr Vacuum Fittings Stainless Steel Instrumentation Download Now

  • Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Union Elbow
  • Union Tee

DQVP and GJ Series Quick Connects Stainless Steel Instrumentation Download Now

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 508 psig@100℉(35 bar@38℃)
  • Minimum Burst Pressure: 2,030 psig@100℉(140 bar@38℃)
  • Cracking Pressure: 87 psig@100℉(6 bar@38℃)
  • Body and connector are made of Stainless Steel 316L


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