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Download The PDF Version Are you trying to choose which insulation product is right for your application where high strength, thermal stability, electrical insulation and/or machinability are required? Let’s compare the key properties of two popular options and provide a comparison to assist in your decision-making process. Transite 1000 vs. NAD-11 Common Applications Both can be used to insulate load-bearing gaskets, as spacers, supports, laboratory benchtops, collars, bushings, transformer spacers, or even industrial oven shelving
There’s been a great deal of research and testing done on the topic of mixing compression fittings of different brands. What follows are the results of a recent test. Tensile Pull Testing The purpose of this test procedure is to establish that any intermixed combination of DK LOK® and Swagelok® individual components will provide leak-free performance synonymous with pure assemblies when subjected to various conditions inherent to the environments for which compression tube fittings are
Considering Phenolic or Epoxy for your worktop or cabinetry application? Architects, B2B engineers and procurement personnel very often find themselves choosing between these two scientific surface solutions. Read our Peerless Hi-Temp Fabrication FREE selection guide FLIP BOOK below. Ten things to consider… Download PDF 
Commonly asked questions. What approvals does DK-LOK valves and fitting have?How big is the DK-LOK range?Can a Diaphragm Seal be repaired?When do I use a metal hose as opposed to an expansion joint? DKAPPROVE What approvals does DK-LOK have? A great message from our friends at DK-LOK Canada dkrangeHow big is the DK-LOK line up? From our friends at DK-LOK Canada sealCan a diaphragm seal be repaired? Diaphragm Seal Repair When to use metal hose
Great info from our Platinum Supplier of metal hose & braid.  Contact us today for more information about Peerless custom metal hose fabrication options.